Dec 3, 2007

www.MaidenShade.Com is Open!


Welcome to MaidenShade!

MaidenShade is artistically handcrafted lamps, nightlights, and lampshades, featuring unique designer fabrics and high-end trims. Choices range from
everyday, holiday, and nursery themed lamps, nightlights, and lampshades, to special requests including coordinating items like lightswitch covers, tissue box covers, waste baskets, and curtains - possibilities abound. At MaidenShade you'll find sweet, funny, neutral, elegant, and fabulous lights for your home or office.

Our lamps, nightlights, and lampshades are sure to add an element of interest to your decor or provide a unique gift idea. We all know that the use of coordinating items provides a professional decorating accent as well as offering light; but although everyone has lamps, NOT everyone has a MaidenShade! As you look through these offerings, remember that at MaidenShade we also create custom lamps, lampshades, and nightlights, if you can not find what you are looking for in our store please contact us with your needs.

Additional images of MaidenShade products can be sent to you via
email so you can better view the fabric and trim detail, specific scenes and elements on the lamps; see an item from different angles, and to get perspective by seeing it next to a ruler or a hand -- whatever you need to be able to better appreciate the unique qualities of these lamps, nightlights, and lampshades.


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