Dec 4, 2007

Thank You Mom

Today is my birthday. I just wrote and thanked my mom for that; )

Tonight I shall eat something like lasagna which is terribly fattening (not to mention a food I've been avoiding), and perhaps cake with a candle. It will be chocolate and completely decadent.

But for now, it's time to go get ready for the day at Mr. Meanie's office of trepidation... lol

Inclinations for this day are to:

  1. put more keywords into my product's descriptions.
  2. I will also wrap Christmas presents,
  3. begin decorating the tree and
  4. maybe make some shades.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jennifer! I love your website, and this blog is great! Hope all is well with you and David. Say to your Mom! Hope you are enjoying the start of the Holiday season! Love, Michelle

theCOB said...

Dearest Jenny,
Happy birthday, beautiful daughter! And good luck with MaidenShade blog site.
With love and blessings,