Jul 6, 2008

NEW LOOK at MaidenShade!

Hello and Happy July!

It's gorgeous over at the MaidenShade site. I have changed my look for summer/autumn and I love it! Please go have a look around and give me your opinion. While you're there, will you take a tour of the different pages, and then go further into the links I've put in? (Please note that my "Custom" page is still "under construction". )

Comment back - your feedback is vital!

You artsy craftsy bloggers - Let's link! Just email/give me the html for your page so I can copy and paste it into my new "resourcefully yours" page, your Etsy &/or store links too. I'm not very good at all of that yet, but I'm learning and would love to help promote you and your work

I've also changed my AVA (A Virtual Assistant - I offer independant administrative help) website to reflect more of my "other side" - I've added a "What's New" column on the Home page, and a Shopping page which features MaidenShade products. If you give me one or two of your things I'll put them on there too. What do you think, wanna collaborate?

At my Esty site, I've added a couple of products - but TBH, things that I make aren't selling, just supplies like my extra trims are! What's up with that?

On a personal note, yesterday the kittens went to PetSmart to be adopted. I bawled of course, we had them for a month and a half, how could I not fall in love with them? Check out the video on You Tube if you havent... talk about poignant. 'sob

We kept one of the kitties, Sassy. She loves me and I wanted a kitty who at least seemed to care about me. Our big ones all love David... ALL babies and animals (and everyone else for that matter!) love him. You know what Dickens said about that, don't you?
"...It is no small thing when they,
who are so fresh from God, love us..."

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