Jul 30, 2008


Oh this is too cool - look at what I've made to help facilitate the custom ordering process, SlideShows! Just click through and have fun. Now you can see some of your choices, don't want to choose? No problem, I'm happy to oblige!

The MaidenShade FYI Library currently includes: "M'bellishments", "MaidenShade Presents Shapes, Sizes & Examples", "Fabric Swatches", & "MaidenShade Made, How it's Done". I particularly want to point you toward the Shapes, Sizes & Examples - this one includes great shots of completed items, side by side and next to a ruler for size comparison. Those slides are in the last section, go have a look.

I've put in one actual slideshow at the bottom of this post just so you can see it, but recommend you go to the links provided above to actually view this one as then you'll get a full page view as opposed to what you have below, which is too tiny to see clearly.

When you're using this Scribd document, take a second to familiarize yourself with the tools across the top of the page that magnify, decrease size, allow you to arrow or page through, let you view it in a grid, and so on.

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I Recommend you read this document on Scribd: M'bellishments PP

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