Jan 30, 2008


There are some bargains to be had from MaidenShade! At EBay, (where once upon a time a store called Trollops was conceived and consequently renamed due to an offended few), that enormous auction emporium in the sky.

One of the advantages in listing there is the exposure of one's products - significant compared to an unknown e-store's - and the flexibility of listing other items as well. There is no stigma attached to including fabric, trim, or a tea set from China to your list of items for sale at eBay!

I invite you to take advantage of LOWER PRICES on my unique gift ideas for Valentine's Day and Easter, go check out my nightlights, lamps, and lampshades on eBay. Who knows what you might find?

At MaidenShade, in addition to the Valentine's Day and Easter , I've added some religious themed NightLights. Respectful and beautiful, these little lights will bring a holy glowing light to your hallway path and bathe your bath in their gentle light. What a comfort to look over at night and see the reminder of Our Lord in your room, quietly shedding its light. Choose from handsome, jewel-hued crucifixes (Sign of the Cross), Our Lady, or neutral Pax, which features the symbol of early Christians, the fish.

Please Contact Me if you have any special requests, like a lamp that adds a perfect accent to your decor, and please tell your friends to shop at for unique and fabulous gift ideas at MaidenShade.
Everyone has lights, but NOT everyone has a MaidenShade!

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